About Us

The Center for Civic Education and Agriculture Initiative Empowerment/CEA-Empowerment received her first donation. The donor wants to remain anonymous due to their diplomatic affiliations. We thank you so much for answering to our call. For the next few months, we will continue receiving donations for schools that do not have sanitary pads and hygiene facilities. We will at the same time begin creating awareness amongst schools that already have the facilities. As we mentioned in our first post, some schools in Liberia have sanitary pads and good hygiene facilities, but most students in those schools are not aware of the provision of the pads. Some students also feel embarrassed asking for pads. We will begin to create awareness in those schools.


To Provide The Sanitary Pads and Hygiene Facilities in all Schools

Vision Statement

To build and liberate young ladies to become leaders in the society


  1. To help and build 21st century young leaders in underserved communities break the cycle of poverty and provide Sanitary Pads and Hygiene Facilities in Schools.
  2. To reduce inequalities by providing young people with practical leadership training, educational supports, opportunities and funding.
  3. To use advocacy to Promote policies that encourages access to quality education, entrepreneurship and Job creation in underserved communities.
  4. To provide mentorship opportunities for secondary school students and young people in order to help them forge trajectory for their career.

Our Achievements

  • Project CEA-EmpowermentOver 1,600
  • Skill Over 100
  • Provided Sanitary Pads Over 10,000
  • Volunteer BaseOver 360
  • Provided Hygiene Facilities to school Over 130

  • States Reached

  • Monrovia City, Montserrado County
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